Another static site generator?

With the ever growing population of static site generators, all filling a certain need, I've yet to find one that allows the generation of anything but the simplest of blogs.

That's where mynt comes in, being designed to give you all the features of a CMS with none of the often rigid implementations of those features.


Where to start?

If you're looking to get up and running quickly, give the quickstart guide a read. Otherwise, if you're familiar with static site generators, the other, more reference style doc pages may be a better jumping off point for you. You can also check out the sites page and check out the sites who's sources are available if you prefer working off of examples.

I have a question! / How can I help?

There are two main places to find other people messing around with mynt: GitHub and IRC. Feel free to use whichever you're the most comfortable with. I only ask if you choose IRC and have a question, please give me a bit (more than a few hours) to see it and help you!

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